Is it possible to be proud and embarrassed simultaneously?

I’m simultaneously proud and embarrassed to announce that after 40 placentas and 3 years in practice, I finally received my OSHA BBP Pathogen Certification, which certifies I’m trained to work with human blood safely. I have some important new knowledge, and not surprisingly I am more confused on one technicality, but it doesn’t change my practices. 

However, there is one change in my practice ( I consider it an upgrade) which predated the training – I’ve been working in the homes of my mothers during my first visit and in-person consultation, usually in the first 48 hours days following the birth. Initially it was to protect my kitchen from contamination, but it’s been beautiful spending time in the home of the newborn, often meeting family, assisting with cutting fingernails, coaching on diapering and elimination communication, washing dishes, whatever else needs done. My colleagues say I should consider training for postpartum doula certification, which is essentially the services I provide.

http://www.daddydoula.com is available … 🙂


Benefits of Placenta Encapsulation

Consuming the placenta (placentophagy) has been practiced in many cultures throughout history. The placenta is the organ which connects the mother and child in the womb, and provides the fetus with nutrients during pregnancy. It can weigh as much as the newborn, and some cultures consider the placenta a spiritual twin of the child, and treat it with a ritual to represent nourishment and health of the child and mother.

Benefits of placenta consumption include:

•             diminishing postpartum fatigue and increasing energy

•             balancing hormones

•             stimulating breastmilk production

•             symbolically connecting the mother, child, and family

The placenta is packed with powerful nutrition and uniquely formulated for each mother and child. Placenta recipes include stews, smoothies, and raw salads.

Encapsulation allows the mother and child to manifest benefits for months. Powdered placenta has been used in Oriental Medicine for centuries. A placenta can produce 80-220 pills.

Women who take placenta capsules report fewer emotional issues, have more energy and enjoy a faster, more pleasant postpartum recovery.


The Process

If possible, please consult with me in advance and inform me of your due date, so I can be prepared. Please arrange for someone to call or text me after you go into labor, and I will confirm a time I can come. Please arrange for your doctor or midwife to place the placenta in an airtight container (64oz. round is ideal) and refrigerate as soon as possible. If you’re comfortable with it, double plastic-wrap the placenta or put it in a plastic baggie. Placentas that have been properly frozen can also be encapsulated up to 6 months after the birth – protect from freezer-burn.


I come and pick up your placenta to prepare at my home, or I can bring equipment and prepare the placenta in yours. If I work in your home, I’m happy to assist with care during the process and allow you to rest, or baby chat and bring samples of cloth diapers, holistic remedies, baby slings,  demonstrate elimination communication, and discuss other natural parenting issues. Upon request, I may be able to provide samples of:

– Homemade Korean vegetarian mommy blessing seaweed soup. Standard for generations of Korean mommies to eat daily. Replaces iron and improves breastmilk production, and symbolizes longevity. Also traditionally eaten on birthdays.

– Fenugreek seeds for tea to improve breastmilk production


I say a blessing prayer with each placenta, which you are welcome to participate in, or refuse. I then:

1.            Remove the umbilical cord

2.            Wrap the placenta in the amniotic sac

3.            Steam the placenta whole with lemon and ginger

4.            Remove the amniotic sac

5.            Slice the placenta into thin strips

6.            Dehydrate

7.            Grind into powder

8.            Place into vegetarian capsules

9.            Deliver in a recycled glass jar

Complimentary options include:

•             reserving the liquid from steaming (you may consume this broth)

•             reserving slices of steamed placenta

•             reserving slices of placenta jerky

•             reserving placenta powder for other recipes or ceremonies

Many people say placenta taste and texture resembles liver.

The preparation takes about 9 hours. I take care to maintain sanitary conditions. My process produces zero waste.


You can begin taking the capsules right away, 3 times daily, for 4-6 weeks, and as needed when fatigued or blue. Store in freezer. You may also share the pills with family members.


Others have photodocumented a process is similar to mine. (Caution: graphic)




I charge a flat rate of $300, payable when I pick up, cash or check to “David Chung.” Barter considered.


About David

I’m a father, dancer, teacher, and healer interested in holistic health, spiritual parenting, natural childbirth, and building communities.

For fifteen years, I’ve taught thousands of mothers and babies in Mommy and Me classes. Since going vegetarian in 1995, placenta has been the only flesh I’ve handled for consumption – with joy. I’ve performed placenta services for about 45 mothers in the NYC region. 90% of the mothers I work come to me through word-of-mouth referral. I learned about placenta encapsulation from my midwife, Kimm Sun, CNM; and training through Placenta Benefits.

I teach yoga and dance to 795 beautiful children at PS306. I also teach a dance classes for children with Down’s Syndrome through GiGi’s Playhouse Down’s Syndrome Awareness Center.  I’m youth group leader at Park Slope United Methodist Church. I’m a founding board member and veteran gymnastics coach of D.A. Sokol. More about my work in movement education: CoachDaveMoves.com.

Joy and blessings to your family.

David Chung, M.Ed.



Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn